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Essene Bread


2 - 4 cups wheat sprouts
linseed and/or sesame seeds


Grind the sprouts and place dough in a large bowl. You can knead for about 10 minutes, but this is optional.

Wet your hands and form the dough into oval or round loaves, balls, sticks or buns. Coat a biscuit sheet with flax or sesame seeds to keep the loaf from sticking. Another way is to dip the bottom of each loaf into a bowl filled with seeds.

Place on greased tray and bake at 160C. Can be baked up to 250C, but this will kill some of the enzymes. Cooking time depends on the shape of the loaf. Thick loaves will take about an hour. It should be moist and chewy inside.

The sprouting process produces live food. There's a big gain in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. No need for yeast, sugar, milk, oil or butter. You won't need to knead the dough, although a few minutes of kneading is optional and will produce a superior loaf. You don't have to wait for the bread to rise.

With wheat sprouts, the root should be about equal in length to the wheat kernel.

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